I know a thing or two, Because I've done a thing or two...

I've spent 30+ years in art and technology with many mediums.

I work across all disciplines of post production - Edit, Color, Sound, VFX & GFX - to polish your content and make it shine.

With an extensive portfolio that includes award winning feature films, corporate content, broadcast advertising, broadcast episodical, and commercial online content I have a broad range of experience to bring to your project and brand.

With many years working on-location and studio productions as director of photography and location sound mixer I can support your project from concept to delivery.

Lastly I draw on many years in tech and engineering work, including senior corporate roles at some of world's best companies, that make me a well rounded professional that can connect with a wide range of subjects and people.

Prior work in the fashion industry can be found on my photography portfolioo and my corporate work experience, including Amazon and HP is documented on my LinkedIn profile.