I know a thing or two, Because I've done a thing or two...

I've spent 30 years in art and technology with many mediums.

As a DP I create the images to tell your story. As a Post Finishing Artist I take the images and polish them into the finished product - encompassing editing, color grade, sound design, visual effects, motion graphics, and final file prep. I work with clients end to end, or provide select services they need.

Adding to my film and video experience, I leverage my skill as a fashion photographer and retoucher, my decades of tech and engineering roles, and many years in senior corporate roles to being a well rounded professional that can connect with a wide variety of subjects and people.

I am actively involved and well connected in the New York fashion industry.

Prior to film & video I worked in fashion photography (portfolio) and I spent 15 years at HP and Amazon in senior technology, marketing, and retail roles (LinkedIn profile).