I know a thing or two, Because I've done a thing or two...

I've spent the last 25 years in art and technology with many mediums.

The last 8 years I have immersed myself in creating video and film content. My primary focus is being Cinematographer/DP and Colorist. I work directly with clients through my production company, and I join other productions as a crew member or post production specialist. So you get to utilize my skills for your project your way.

I leverage my experience as a fashion photographer for my lighting and composition. I leverage my experience as a retoucher for my color grading approach. My engineering background helps me deal with all the camera technology to get the best results. My extensive experience in corporate roles helps me connect with interview subjects and provides context when editing materials. So you get to work with a very well-rounded professional.

I am actively involved and well connected in the New York fashion industry.

Prior to film & video I worked on fashion photography (portfolio). Prior to that, I spent 15 years at HP and Amazon in senior technology, marketing, and retail roles (LinkedIn profile).