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Client Testimonials

Jan was very approachable and agreeable. He explained to us exactly what he would require and what he would provide. From the beginning it was obvious that he was competent and well-organized throughout our first colorist strategy. We had complete faith that he could also work with any challenge involving audio corrections. Even when it came to distribution—dealing with our distributors' needs and their immense technical specifications for streaming and broadcasting—Jan was totally committed to the project. But Jan's generosity didn't end there. He gladly went to our first public showing at the Directors Guild of America theater, and he went on to check audio and color at subsequent film festivals to see how well they performed in various settings. To put it simply, Jan gave his all during post-production and beyond, which enabled us to successfully release our work for television, download, and streaming.

- Guy Perrotta, Producer, 2024

What do you get when you combine technical mastery with artistry? AllKlier [boutique production company lead by Jan Klier], is what you get; a great partner in post production that delivers consistently great work from rough cut to final delivery.”

- Guy Mastrion, Brandforming, 2024

The ideal collaborator not only brings his/her skills to the project but also communicates effectively with all members of the team and cares as much about the result as you do. Jan was all these things for Family Obligations. Not only did the final film benefit tremendously from his technical expertise and wide range of skills in color, VFX, and sound design, but he was also a trusted voice in creative problem-solving and advancing the story at each juncture. He made himself accessible at all stages of the work, from pre-production camera testing through final picture and sound. For our next feature My Sister’s Wedding, Jan brought the same attention to detail to the set as our Director of Photography, as well as continuing to serve the project in post for both final picture and sound. Here again, Jan was not just a consummate artist and technician in his varied roles but also an important collaborator in decisions that shaped the project from conception to final execution. He went above and beyond any expectation to deliver the highest quality work and meet deadlines. He has the tools, the knowledge, and the demeanor to tackle any challenge that production demands.

- Kenneth Frank, Director, 2022

In film-making and video production, we're all looking for crew who elevate a project with their experience and expertise. Jan filled this need big time, not only as a DP for the interview set ups during the on-location work, but with his collaborations throughout production that helped solidify the tone and creative approach for the final work.

- Steve Jarriel, Executive Producer, 2017

"Jan was my DP on a SAG short. He is thoughtful, professional, a creative problem-solver, knows the technology backwards and forwards, is personally generous and most of all a great person to have on set."

- Pablo Ceja, Director, 2017

When your imagining a picture at the beginning, you inevitably are imagining a world rich in texture and color and depth and beauty. A picture fit for CinemaScope. But no matter how perfect the lighting, it will never be the same as the images in your head until it passes by the hands of a Master Colorist. Jan, doesn't go through the motions and make pictures that look pretty. For clarity, he can do that in his sleep. For, The Ghost of Hollow Hills, he created the rich landscape of color and texture that was always burning in my head. He made sure that color schemes were cohesive. My mind can run a mile a minute, pulling on references from movies and oil paintings for this picture. Jan, was always there to reel me in and focus on specific attributes that would covey the story in the simplest visual language. Languages that are now apparent at first glance and also in the viewers sub-conscious as they relate from image to image - I hope my words here are sufficient enough to express my gratitude toward this man but in case I'll add one final thing, and that is his follow through and patience with me. I was scared about working remotely because it required a great deal of trust in handling something so important to me. But his responses were rapid and in immense detail. Quickly, it became hard to be afraid anymore when I slowly began to watch his work on my images burn before me.

- Erik Jacobs, Director; 2017